Registration and Bursaries

Registration closes August 31st 2018 – book your place now! Click here to register.

We are grateful to our sponsors for helping us to keep the event as affordable as possible, particularly for PG/ECR researchers. For more information on our sponsors, please click the buttons to the right.



We are committed to ensuring that our event is affordable and accessible for PGT and PGR students. We are therefore pleased to offer a number of named bursaries to help towards travel and fees for presenters:

Past and Present Society Bursary: Awarded for an excellent paper on any aspect of the conference theme.

Alcohol Research UK Bursary: Awarded for an excellent paper which deals with alcohol-related research in the long nineteenth century.

BAVS Bursary: Awarded for an excellent paper on the conference theme which focuses on the Victorian period.

BARS Bursary: Awarded for an excellent paper on the conference theme which deals with the Romantic period.

All bursary recipients are required to write a conference report blog post of c. 1000 words for use on the relevant funder’s websites, to be submitted by 14th October 2018.

To be considered for a bursary, please submit your abstract and bio along with a brief statement of how the conference relates to your research and a breakdown of your travel expenses for attendance.*




* Standard/economy fares only. Bursaries may cover all or part of your expenses depending on the sums available.